55 mins

We will utilize all parts of our body and use a variety of tools in this class to gain some much needed strength. From body weight to kettle bells we will lift, crunch, push pull, squat and SWEAT!!


55 mins

Unlock your body’s true strength and potential through 4 legged multi-directional movements. Carrying your body weight is and always will be the PRIMAL goal.


55 mins

Play like a kid at recess and get your cardio in! This class lets out your inner child with game-like fun while it incorporates agility, balance, and quick feet.Classes will keep you moving and include both plyometric and cardio exercises, to help increase your stamina to withstand an extended workout. Speed and quickness can be for athletes, but it can also just be the best way yet to get in your cardio while having a blast.

ABS & A$$

55 mins

Abs and A$$ says it all! This class focuses on not only slimming that waist and tightening your tush, but more importantly, it builds a strong core. The stronger your core is, the stronger your body will be, bottom line.

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